Nanthem is a theme song commissioned by the activist art organization Rev- for their domestic workers rights project the NannyVan. The Nannyvan is a bright orange mobile design lab and sound studio that roves the country “accelerating the movement for domestic workers’ rights nationwide.” Made up of samples from worker’s rights protests and accompanied by the mixtape “NannyVan Jams," the Nanthem aims to attract domestic workers and employers as they make strides toward social equality.


Zim Zum Gateway (Zzg) was the result of an invitation by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to design a game to help visitors interact with museum’s collection. Zzg is an augmented reality game, where players find clues in the artwork to help an unnamed entity find a portal to the center of the universe so that she could morph into the next stage of her life. Since the game was never developed, the entity is still wondering around the galleries of the museum.

Music video for 100% silk artist “Leech.”

LEECH - TUSKS teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

Breezy Nix was a 2-year solo-music project that explored all the possible audio interpretations of "mallet house."

Collaborated with the all-woman avant-garde music group 0th in the creation and performance of the improvisational sound, dance, and sculpture "Blow-Up Universe," a performance that explored what may have come before the Big Bang. The performance took place at Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco.